Looking for a Left Handed Hammer


Photo: Hammer on an Anvil by Lilla Frerichs 

(100 -Word Fiction)

 Poor Mike. His first day at work as an apprentice, and they sent him to the stores for a Left Handed Hammer.

He hunted for it high and low, and asked everyone he saw – but all he received was laughter and a shake of the head. Of course, it was not to be found. But Mike was nothing, if not resourceful.

He returned two hours later – after being given a long weight – with a whole shopping list of alternatives: a tin of tartan paint, a box of sky-hooks, a glass hammer and a tin of elbow grease. Good lad!

4 thoughts on “Looking for a Left Handed Hammer

  1. This seems like first-day hazing.
    Quick note: Do you mean a long WAIT- I don’t know what a “long weight” would be (other than heavy).

    • I’ve listed a few typical things that a new apprentice might be asked to “fetch”. At some point they realise that they’ve been fooled. The twist I put in was that he actually returns with a list of items. I thought it made more sense for him to return with a ‘weight’ rather than a ‘wait’!

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