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I’ve always been interested in why we have particular beliefs, and how that affects the way we act. Why is it that people who feel ‘lucky’ tend to have more success? Is being ‘Positive’ enough, when Life will always be a mixture of positives and negatives?

I believe it’s finding meaning to our lives, in whatever form that takes, that makes the difference. To me, there is nothing more valuable than the interaction we have with others. I think that taking inspired action is the key. With the right action at the right time, opportunities will open up for us.

I explore my journey with different aspects of Wellbeing, and my love of writing fiction. I create very short stories, usually with a touch of humour and a quirky twist. 

I hope you enjoy the content here. Thanks for visiting,

Steve Lakey

67 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there Steve – I found your blog when I was in Tut.com. I am in the same place that you WERE, I am wanting to set up a blog, I have signed up with wordpress.com, and although I have made a lot of notes, done a lot of research, I have yet to publish. I think I am stuck in the place where “oh, nobody will want to read what I have to say”. This I know, is so not healthy, nor positive. I just want to congratulate you on your blog, on taking the leap of faith. I am not far behind you!

    • Thanks Wendy. I would say just start off with something basic. A blog is always a work in progress. I was nervous about taking the plunge, but it’s great to get positive feedback. Maybe you could write about your own experiences, or someone who inspires you.

      Best wishes,

  2. Hey Steve, I have worked all of my life with vulnerable people too. I worked with homeless, so worked a lot with CMHT, Which was interesting, it taught me a lot about people and a lot about life. What I did find, was that those with the least were often the happiest, as they didn’t fear loss. All they could have was gain. 0 – 0 is still zero! …The most stressed and the most unhappy, were those that became homeless after the recession, and their business failed, and they lost their big home with a swimming pool, and ended up in a homeless hostel. Once they accepted their loss. And were around people who had nothing, I always found that within a couple of months, i saw a different person. Someone whose values had changed. Who saw life in a different way. Whose perspectives had changed. They were happier people. I often talked about this with people. I came to the assumption, that the more you have, the more unhappy you can be, because instead of living for the love of it, people live for the fear of losing it all, and the fear of maintaining it all, the fear of keeping it all together. There is beauty in a simple life I think 🙂

  3. Hi Steve! Thanks for visiting Peeled Onion and getting in touch. Very interested in your blog.
    I think Life is indeed unfair because there isn’t any morality in the human sense in nature. But the problem us that humans put a moral lense to this word.
    I find there is a fine line between our mental judgements of what is fair or not- and there my objective is really to see beyond right or wrong- and our conduct in life and with others to say no when it’s appropriate.
    Would love to have your perspective!

    • I think that morality is relative – we live by our own created morality. But I do think Life IS fair, because we all have free will to create and shape our life, no matter what the circumstances we find ourselves in. We always have the choice of how to react to Life.

  4. No problem Steve.
    Not everyone does. It is time consuming.
    Thanks for being honest and I will try remember lol

  5. Just read there.
    I suffer Chronic Pain and depression.
    I ALWAYS think positive, and it seems to work for me.
    If you think negative, negative things happen.

    Seems to be the way, yeah.
    Shaun x

  6. Hi Steve,

    Thanks so much for visiting Here You Begin and for taking the time to like my post, “I can, if I Know I Can…”.
    Isn’t it true that sticking a happy face on our outer being, without feeling connected inside does make the prospect of ‘positive thinking’ feel, well, a sham? I’ve found that with my clients, work, and in workshops: the biggest hurdle so often seems to be feeling like one is more than one’s experience in life, especially when that experience is reflecting sadness, shadows, doubt and unfairness.
    I try to encourage everyone in such a place to start with letting go of these old feelings, and to try on like a new set of clothes, that he or she
    is here on purpose and For a Purpose that only the person can do. We are each miracle workers; the first miracle is feeling that within. Holding that energy for people — especially among the discouraged teens and homeless I’ve had the honor to know — is life-changing for all concerned and makes the day joyful.
    Best wishes with your work and your blog!

  7. Thanks for liking my post. I came by for a visit and I enjoy what you write. It’s nice to connect with like minds. Anyhow, I’ll be dropping by and writing a comment or two!

  8. Have you come across whether or not a person is born with a positive outlook, or is it something anyone can develop. Because I know some negative Nancies that almost refuse to think positively.

    • A bit of both! The good news is that whatever genes we inherit, we can develop positive thinking as a habit. This can actually turn “off” or “on” different genes. We can develop our own mental conditioning to combat the negative influences we encounter.

  9. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. I like your positive thinking and expressing – wonderful! Keep up the great work!

  10. Nice blog you’ve got going. I’ll be stopping by to keep up. Thanks for checking mine out. Peace and best wishes, John

  11. Hi, Steve. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Gratitude Journal. I’m finding more and more people who have this positivity thing going. Maybe if there are enough of us, we can change the world!

    • I think we can all influence things for the better. Discussing and focusing on these topics all helps to generate interest, and hopefully makes a difference out there!

  12. Hi there,
    Thanks for dropping by my little simply modest blog. Blogging is a very time processing, nothing instant in this world. But I’m so pity when some people wanted to be famous just by sharing hatred and controversies in his or her blog. Blog should be enlighting and inspiring, more visits soon.

    From Indonesia.

  13. Hi Steve – saw your Light post and came for a visit. Isn’t it funny how our blogs morph, right along with the changes that occur in us.
    As a retired mental health professional, I very much agree with you that our basic belief system affects how we live, the reality we create for ourselves. Our mind is a very powerful thing, able to uplift us, leave us suspended in mediocrity, or take us into the abyss. We choose, but often we don’t even know that we have done so.

    • Thanks for your comments. It took me a while to realise that there are many ways to express positivity and creativity. I’m fascinated by the use of words, but also accept that there are no words to adequately describe a beautiful sunset!

      • So true – sometimes it’s an image, sometimes it’s words,sometimes a combination of both. For others, its sound/music, creating form with their hands, others spread love and light as their creative contribution….

  14. Thanks, Steve, for liking one of my recent posts. It’s good to know there are other souls — like you — asking important questions, and creating more energy for curiosity and wonder. Keepin life fresh and invigorating!

  15. Thanks for liking our post! We hope you will visit our page often. To learn more about us visit http://inspiritual.biz7 Your photos are amazing btw! If you ever write or photograph anything you would like to submit to our monthly newsletter please let me know — be blessed and remember you are love

  16. What a fascinating insight into a slice of you. Positive thinking… goodness, I have had to resort to this, really force myself into it over the past 11 months or so. My dad died suddenly last July and crawling through the past few months has been the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do. Positive thinking really does help, but it’s not easy. I find writing much, much easier!

    • I’m sorry for your loss. Sometimes Positive Thinking goes out of the window for a while, because we’re human. And that’s okay. I think of positivity as a way to fight back against the sadness and the loss. Even if we can’t control all our circumstances, we can frame our own responses, and live life on our own terms. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  17. Hi Steve, got here through the Sunday Photo Fiction. I got to say that not only do you write very well but you also have a job that is worthy, it struck me your about page since a family member does suffer mental health issues. Alos I like your philosophy on life.

  18. “I believe it’s finding meaning to our lives, in whatever form that takes, that makes the difference. To me, there is nothing more valuable than the interaction we have with others”.- your words here is like advice to a friend, with much honesty and compassion. I will be back to read more on positive thoughts and short stories. Love the stories!

  19. Yay for the Community Mental Health Team! Those folks need this information to empower them. I wonder, from your perspective, how to share positive thinking in a palatable way. How do you do it with your clientele?

    • Thanks for commenting. I suggest it’s used as a set of tools. It doesn’t mask the problem and it’s not a magic pill. But it can offer a way to take back a measure of control. Even a few moments relief can be a blessing. And a platform for recovery.

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