My Positive Fiction


Welcome to my Short Stories with a “Positive” theme.



Maureen was fed up of still being a show-house ‘meet and greet’. She should have worked her way up the ladder by now. Maybe if she’d learned better social skills. Or smiled a bit more. Maybe not.
But she could spot the time-wasters a mile off. And here was one of them. She could tell by the car he drove and the way he looked.
He wasn’t one of those young professional types that could afford an executive five-bed. He looked like a deluded dreamer, with a head chock-full of “Positive Thinking”, and this “Law of Attraction” malarkey.
Him! Making himself at home. Here?
“You’ve got to register, young man. Name and address. And occupation, if you’ve got one.”
There were two forms on the desk. Maureen threw him a pen. Dave smiled – he had his own, thanks. She didn’t bother looking up until he’d gone.
Dave didn’t even go and look at the house. He hadn’t registered – just filled in the competition entry form for the executive house. He must’ve got the wrong form. The sad loser.
A month later, Maureen handed competition winner Dave his house keys in front of the local press. She hated positive thinking!

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