Someone… Under the Radar

Acoustic club

Photo: Copyright Björn Brudberg


You’ll probably recognise the legendary axeman, sitting on my right. We have an intimate atmosphere here at the Under the Radar Club. The sort of place where legends can take a break from those sterile arena tours, and play up close and personal to a few lucky punters.

I’m honoured to have sat close to the biggest names in Rock. Well, almost.

To be honest, we’ve all seen the cream of the crop, on TV at least. But their tickets cost a fortune! So here, we’re nurturing the lookalike Tribute acts. Giving them their first break.

Tonight, it’s David Filmore!

This is my contribution to Friday Fictioneers, 100 Word Photo Challenge, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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Bed Rest


Photo: Copyright Björn Brudberg


“Mikey! Time to get up! No? Just lay there then. I’ve been ‘blessed’ with the laziest son in the world! Your house won’t finish itself, you know. If you think I’m building it all by myself, you’d better think again, Sunshine.

I’ve bought us a new metal ladder. That old wooden one that broke, I’ve chopped it up for firewood. You should have seen it burn!

Well, I’m going to get myself a nice cuppa. You want one? You can just nod, you know. Or blink. The doctor says you can hear me. Please Mikey, squeeze my hand! Just once.”


This is my contribution to Friday Fictioneers 100 word photo challenge, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Please click the link for more details. 

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eiffel-tower-dmm Photo: Copyright – Douglas M MacIlroy


‘Gustave’ likes the night-times. That’s when he lights himself up and shines over Paris.

How different it had all been when he’d first arrived. Part of the Martian Invasion force, Gustave quickly built himself a quadruped fighting machine. His role was to ‘liberate’ Paris.

And he would have done it too, if it hadn’t been for those pesky bacteria! Fortunately, unlike his comrades, Gustave was immune…

He received the Mission Abort order, but instead of self-destructing, he made friends and settled down with the Parisians. Gustave became such a hero, he was given the title ‘Champ de Mars’!


This is my contribution to Friday Fictioneers 100 Word fiction photo challenge for 27 December 21013, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Click the link for more details.

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Channel Surfing

ferry Photo: Copyright Ted Strutz


The English Channel: a strip of water that has protected Britain from invaders, for a thousand years.

Maybe I should have been more grateful on my first Cross-Channel ferry trip. I wasn’t feeling it. Instead, I felt the contents of my stomach shifting, as we pitched and rolled our way through the night, from Dover to Zeebrugge.

At last, a cheer! Land ho? Or at least, the welcoming lights of the Belgian port that would end this stygian ferry nightmare?

Actually, the bar had reopened after technical difficulties. A cue for more empty cans to roll down the aisles.


This is my contribution to Friday Fictioneers 100 word Challenge, based on the photo prompt and hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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Dummy Run

Tailor's dummy

Copyright: Sean Fallon


Dating a conceptual artist could be confusing. She never used phones – too boring and conventional. But this was extreme even for Juliet. What was the meaning of the cryptic message on my doorstep?

Was she asking me to make up, or break up with her? Had our relationship fallen to pieces?

It was then I noticed the taxi parked outside. Juliet came running towards me, carrying two white arms and a bulging canvas bag.

She had decided to move in with me! I was beside myself with joy.

If I had known she was coming, I would have tidied up.


This is my contribution for Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Challenge, using the photo prompt, and hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  

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