Someone… Under the Radar

Acoustic club

Photo: Copyright Björn Brudberg


You’ll probably recognise the legendary axeman, sitting on my right. We have an intimate atmosphere here at the Under the Radar Club. The sort of place where legends can take a break from those sterile arena tours, and play up close and personal to a few lucky punters.

I’m honoured to have sat close to the biggest names in Rock. Well, almost.

To be honest, we’ve all seen the cream of the crop, on TV at least. But their tickets cost a fortune! So here, we’re nurturing the lookalike Tribute acts. Giving them their first break.

Tonight, it’s David Filmore!

This is my contribution to Friday Fictioneers, 100 Word Photo Challenge, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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20 thoughts on “Someone… Under the Radar

  1. Dear Steve,

    A couple of years ago I saw an Eagles tribute band that was almost as good as the original. And you know the tickets were much more affordable. 😉 Good story.



  2. I love tribute bands… but being close to the real thing is better… Once when I lived in Thousand Oaks, there was a local cover band where the members had played in groups like Spencer Davies group, Chicago, and Doobie Brothers… I can tell you they could really play.. (and it was only a dollar extra on the tab)..

    • I was lucky enough to go to a lot of concerts in the ’80s, when big names weren’t charging the earth to see them. Saw Springsteen, Queen, Prince and many others at reasonable prices!

  3. Dear Steve, Good story and well written. Perhaps the guy in the shadow is someone famous. You never know! We don’t go to many concerts because of the arm and the leg they charge, I’m still limping since the last concert (just kidding). But I agree with you. Nan 🙂

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