Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

All Photographs © Steve Lakey 2013


We do like to have our family barbecues, even out of season.


Sometimes Mother Nature has different ideas!


Luckily, our barbecue cooks straight from frozen!

This is my second contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress.com, with this weeks’s theme of ‘Habit’. If you’d like to join in or find out more, please click here.

Redoubting Thomas

sand-bags Photo: Sand Bags by Peter Griffin


The Weather forecast looked grim. High winds and flooding across England. 

Thomas knew what to do. As a war movie veteran, he got his reluctant family organised.

“Right, we need to build two lines of sand bags to form a flood redoubt”.

No one seemed to know what a redoubt was, but Thomas wasn’t to be put off.

“We don’t have sand or bags, so we’ll have to improvise. Kids, I’ll get some soil from the garden, you bring me pillow cases!”

Mum collected a week’s worth of provisions.

They waited, as the clouds parted…

and the sun streamed through.


100 Word Challenge

This is my entry for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups from Julia’s Place. The prompt is the sun streamed through. Click here to view the other entries.

Have a Nice Trip?

snow scene

Photo: Snow Storm by Peter Griffin

A few days ago, we had a heavy snowfall, during the afternoon. As I drove from work, I had a couple of near misses with cars skidding to a halt in front of me. My engine then started cutting out. Closer to home, my car lost traction climbing a steep hill, and I ended up blocking traffic on a narrow stretch of road. Nothing I tried could get me moving forwards. There was no let-up in the snow or high winds.

From nowhere, a man with a shovel started digging my wheels out. Others came to help, and soon three people were pushing my car up the hill until I got moving again.

Three more times on the way home, I got stuck in deep snow. Three more times, people came and gave me a push to get me started. What is normally a twenty-minute journey had taken me about two hours. I was completely stressed, and couldn’t wait to get home and close the front door. The thought of driving back to work in the morning didn’t exactly fill me with joy…

It was only later when I reflected on my experiences. Was it really the nightmare journey I’d thought?

I was safe, as was my car. Several groups of perfect strangers had come to my aid, unprompted and got me moving again. They expected no recognition or reward; they’d just seen someone in trouble and gone to help out. I never got the chance to speak to anyone and give them my thanks. Without their intervention, I would’ve had to abandon my car in a dangerous position, and walk home through the snowstorm.

As for the weather – heavy rain during the night cleared the roads, and the sun was shining on my drive to work in the morning.

All in all, I consider myself quite lucky.