Redoubting Thomas

sand-bags Photo: Sand Bags by Peter Griffin


The Weather forecast looked grim. High winds and flooding across England. 

Thomas knew what to do. As a war movie veteran, he got his reluctant family organised.

“Right, we need to build two lines of sand bags to form a flood redoubt”.

No one seemed to know what a redoubt was, but Thomas wasn’t to be put off.

“We don’t have sand or bags, so we’ll have to improvise. Kids, I’ll get some soil from the garden, you bring me pillow cases!”

Mum collected a week’s worth of provisions.

They waited, as the clouds parted…

and the sun streamed through.


100 Word Challenge

This is my entry for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups from Julia’s Place. The prompt is the sun streamed through. Click here to view the other entries.

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