Inspired Action

sunset-on-the-beach  Photo: Sunset-on-the-Beach by George Hodan

There’s taking action and then there’s “inspired” action. What’s the difference? Only you can know – by trusting your intuition. And the best way to make a connection is to be in the right frame of mind for you to get creative. It’s that “zoned-out” feeling. Like when you’re daydreaming, or half-awake. Your brainwaves are in alpha state, and it seems to help in forming original ideas. New solutions to old problems.

What is the first step to take down your particular path of choice? What single action could you take to bring you one step closer to your goal?

Focus on your end result, then “switch off” and let the answer come to you. If you’re not clear about your goal, how can you know where to begin? Positive thinking doesn’t work without positive action. The key is to move your feet, and soon. But if success was purely about putting in a good shift, there would be a lot more winners out there.

On the other hand, sitting in a cave for a month isn’t my idea of fun, and it’s probably not yours either. Instead, five minutes peace and quiet might do the trick. A few deep breaths actually do help. Breathing from your diaphragm helps to oxygenate your brain, allowing you to think clearer.

Force a smile! Smiling or laughing, even when it’s fake, causes the brain to release ‘feel-good’ chemicals. Which makes you feel better. There’s truth in the saying “Fake it ’til you make it.”

Set your intention, then get ready to move!

5 thoughts on “Inspired Action

  1. Great advice! It is a matter of engraining the desired results to your subconscious mind, and letting it and God figure out the details. Then the action you take is most certainly inspired : )

  2. Great post! I literally had a conversation with a friend of mine earlier this morning and he had mentioned, “Approaching things with the end in mind,” as a way of overcoming fears.

    So it really stood out to me when you said “Focus on your end result, then “switch off” and let the answer come to you.”

    Thank you for the tips, they are very helpful and I’ll definitely add them to my tool bag.

    – Sir Kev

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