Welly Wood!


Photo: Copyright Jane Hewitt


Wayne Winton, President of the Oxton Wetland Trust, mumbled a few forgettable words about the new Country Park, before unveiling a small brass plaque. The muted round of applause turned to gasps, when a splash from the lake behind him revealed an unintended guest of honour.

The rising pair of battered wellies could only belong to fellow trustee Wellard Wood, who had last been seen clearing the lake, three days earlier.

Ever the diplomat, President Winton didn’t miss a beat.

“Wellard worked so hard to get this place up and running. It’s only fitting that he should join us today!”


100 Word Challenge

This is my contribution to the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #112, hosted over at Julia’s Place.  Please click the link for more details and to view the other stories. 

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