Shop Tactics


Photo: Copyright Janet Webb


Daft Visor, The Dark Lord, fumed helplessly as his once feared Battle Fleet floundered on the over gorged waters of the former ice planet.

A combination of sweeping cuts to the Empire’s Defence budget, unprecedented global warming and forgetting to set his alarm clock, had resulted in his Elite Shop Troops coming to grief – in the shallow waters of a supermarket car park.

In order to retain some dignity, he had personally led the mission to remove the remaining coins from the ditched trolleys.

“I’ll take them myself” he told his embarrassed comrades, before spending all the proceeds on doughnuts.


This is my entry for the Friday Fictioneers Challenge, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – creating a story in 100 words, based on the photo prompt. Please view the other entries by clicking here.

13 thoughts on “Shop Tactics

  1. Dear Steve,

    I loved your beginning but couldn’t sort out the significance of the ending. This is probably just me, up late and needing to reread…..

    Nope, reread it and still liked the opening but not sure where the ending went.



    • Thanks for the comment Doug. As for the ending, Daft Visor is trying to salvage some pride by ‘liberating’ the coins you sometimes have to put into shopping trolleys. As he has some money to spend, I just imagined him shrugging, and going into the supermarket for some “comfort food”.

  2. Dear Steve,

    Daft Visor…clever name. My dad used to check pay phones for coins. He often found a dime or two. Kudos for spelling doughnuts correctly. Over here in the States it’s been reduced to “donuts”.



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