Alley Inclusive

alley Photo: copyright – Kent Bonham


The young couple sauntered out of the Hotel Splendide and found themselves in a narrow alley.

“Lee, let’s head up these steps, and see where they go!”

His smartphone compass was spinning wildly through lack of a signal.

“Forget it, Bianca, we’re out of Wi-fi range!”

“I could take some photos while we’re here and capture a bit of the local flavour?”

“Hurry up. It’s boring! Speaking of local flavour, I fancy a kebab. Take a few pictures for Facebook, then let’s go.”

They scuttled back into the hotel lobby, where their All-inclusive package was waiting for them.


This is my contribution for Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge, based on the photo prompt, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

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16 thoughts on “Alley Inclusive

  1. Something tells me this isn’t a happy ending. I liked the dialogue and interesting characters, but I think you needed more room to flesh this one out, darling…

  2. the big dilemma 🙂 i love all-inclusive and hassle-free but i also want some adventure. i wanna make the most out of vacations,but also wanna come home in one piece 🙂 great story,lots of people can relate to it

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