The Lion Sleeps


© Al Forbes 2013


Joe Brown was clearly exasperated. After several minutes of walking around “Brite Sparx” electrical store, he had yet to find a member of staff. Then, turning a corner, he almost bumped into a gaggle of four. Joe tried to catch their eye, without success.

“Excuse me!”

Several assistants with ‘Here to Help’ badges looked over for a second, then carried on talking. After a time, they casually ease ‘Kai’ forward. He looks barely old enough, or bright enough, to tie his own shoelaces.

“Er, yeah. Wassup mate, innit!”

“It’s about this lion!” Joe produced his plastic stone-effect toy.

“Woah! It’s not gonna bite me or summat? ROAAR! Ha Ha! I’m jokin’!”

“No, this one won’t bite, roar or do anything. That’s why I’m returning it. I bought it in your Christmas Sale, back in August. I was assured by one of your ‘crew’ that it plays music and dances at the same time. It does none of these things.”

“It might be on ‘Sleep’ setting. Hang on!”

Kai snatched the lion, and pressed a combination of hidden buttons. He put it on the floor and stepped back.

For the next minute, the toy ‘lion-danced’ its way through several musical classics such as ‘Lion Eyes’ and ‘Pride (In the name of Love)’.

“Wow! Thanks, Kai. Have you got any more left?”


This is my contribution to Sunday Photo Fiction, based on the photo prompt, and hosted by Al Forbes. Please click the link for more details.

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3 thoughts on “The Lion Sleeps

  1. Thanks Al. I got the idea for the ‘Lion’ from a toy Beagle that a colleague brought into work. It played “Tequila” and danced in time to the music! Everyone wanted to have a go with it.

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