Art N Antiques


Photo: © Al Forbes 2014


Arthur North looked out of his shop window, and noticed a young woman in a smart business suit climbing out of a black Ford. She walked over towards his door. He rushed over, and opened it with a flourish.

“Hello, young lady! Welcome to Art N Antiques. Don’t get many of you City types down here. I bet you’re from one of those swanky Kensington galleries?” The woman smiled.

“You’re welcome to have a look around, Miss. In fact I’ve got a new piece you might like to have a look at. ‘The Blue Lady’, I call her.

“Here we are. It’s a bit too modern for my liking, but those high rollers in the West End will lap it up. I can see you’re taken by it. £500 shall we say? We do a Delivery service at cost price.”

The woman nodded silently as she walked around the shop, making a few notes. She appeared to be talking to herself. Within moments, two large men in suits casually walked over from the Ford and into the shop. They waited by the door.

The woman approached Arthur with a consoling smile. “Sorry, Artie. I’m one of the ‘Ladies in Blue’ myself – Detective Inspector Turner, Kent C.I.D. That artwork was stolen from outside the ‘Raisin D.’ Bar in Dover last week. As it turns out, you’ve got a few pieces that interest me. It’s okay, I can collect. Get your coat, Arthur!”


Story prompted by Sunday Photo Fiction, May 11 2014, hosted by Al Forbes. Click the link for more details.

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