Prepare To Meet Thy Dome!



Photo: © Sascha Darlington


The ‘Domesday Book’ brochure was glossy and slick. It promised an idyllic lifestyle that was out of this world. The prices were pretty astronomical too. This wasn’t an opportunity for the plebs – strictly for top-flight one percenters.

Twelve-year-old Duke liked how the pictures in the brochure came to life and the smiling people talked to you about their amazing Dome experiences. “Can’t we have one, Dad? My friends are gonna be so jealous!”

‘Slick Tony’, the grinning virtual salesman, appeared to be stalking them on every page with his annoying comments. “How’s your day going? You’re just the sort of family that will appreciate living in the Ganymede Dome Community. You’d be a real asset to the Jupiter Moons’ System. Remember, there’s no place like Dome Sweet Dome!”

Dad was reluctant. “I don’t know Duke. I’d like to check out the small print, but Perry, our Legal Bot, seems to be struggling with a mystery virus. And the half-price offer absolutely has to end today.” Tony gave a friendly warning that availability was strictly limited. But he was very sympathetic about the virus.

After an hour, Dad caved in. “Okay, Tony. Sign us up!”

*     *     *

The journey to Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede, had been magical. But being forced to work in the Liquid Iron plant was like a living hell.

Every few days they get to see Tony’s smirking image, promising them one day’s R&R at the relaxation domes. But they all need to work harder to earn the credits.


This story is inspired by the photo collated by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, February 12th 2017.  For more details click the logo.


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15 thoughts on “Prepare To Meet Thy Dome!

  1. Definantly a case where one needs to read the fine print in a contract. With such a slick salesmen, you’d need to be on guard. Too bad parents are too often swayed by their kids at times.

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