Smerk on the Water

Oil Rig

Photo: © Al Forbes 2014


Yes sir, I thought that the name Ahab Smerk was a bit fishy. I met him on a boating holiday in Wales. But he was a smooth operator – craftily introducing his business proposition to me over a complimentary Scampi and Chips.

As I wiped the tartare sauce from his glossy brochure, I could see that Smerk was deadly serious. He was looking for some investors interested in a little offshore action. ‘Smerk Leisure Park at Sea. All the profits are Tax free!’

It did seem ambitious, but there were photos of the Rollercoaster being towed into position. At least that’s what he said.

But when I mentioned that some of my colleagues at the Tax office might be interested in this venture, and he upped anchor and slipped into the sunset.

The thing was, he left all of these Share Certificates and Literature behind. And it seemed a shame not to sell them, just to the diners in the café, initially.

Then things really took off. Pretty soon, I’d set up a stall on the seafront at weekends. Not a bad place for a shell corporation!

But the tide soon turned, and I was left high and dry. Those pesky investors scuppered the deal.

So, Judge, if you’ll show me some leniency on a first offence, I can give you some sound tax advice. And I might let you in on another sweet deal I’m working on.


This story is prompted by Sunday Photo Fiction: 18 May 2014, hosted by Al Forbes. Click the logo for more details.



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14 thoughts on “Smerk on the Water

  1. LOL something tells me there is going to be no leniency for him. A fun story, Steve. The reaction of Mr Smerk was akin to the reaction I used to get when I mentioned I worked at the tax office 😀

  2. I really does look like a rollercoaster. If they are still looking for investors – I’m in! 🙂 Good story!

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