Celebrity Blockbustas

    Photo: © Al Forbes 2014 

Celebrity Blockbustas was billed as the toughest physical endurance challenge ever put on our TV screens. But it didn’t make for exciting entertainment. In fact it was compulsive viewing for insomniacs.

It was a simple concept: celebrity competitors stood in containers and were then filled chest deep in quick setting concrete. First one to fight their way out was the winner.

The problem was, no one had ever got out. Not even close.

FREDDIE MERCURY: He wanted to break free, but was yet another one to bite the dust.

KING ARTHUR: Despite experience of pulling objects out of stone, he found success here as elusive as the holy grail.

HARRY HOUDINI: Managed to disappear inside the concrete, but never reappeared.

AL CAPONE: Has alleged experience of putting men into concrete, and many years of rock-breaking behind him. He thought he’d be untouchable, but found it all too taxing.
But wait a minute. What’s this… Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner!

An Italian called David! I’m not sure who he is, but I’ve heard he has received elite Ninja training from a turtle named Michelangelo.

David looks very impassive, and has little to say for himself. But we have a statement from Coach Michelangelo:

“I’ve been working with David for two years. Using specialist nunchuck skills, he just seemed to appear out of the concrete! This is just the beginning. Soon the whole world will know that Michelangelo’s David is a hero!”

Well, that’s it for today. If you enjoy watching paint dry, tune into next week’s edition of Celebrity DIY Makeover.


This story was prompted by Sunday Photo Fiction, October 5th 2014, hosted by Al Forbes. Click on the logo for more details.


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12 thoughts on “Celebrity Blockbustas

  1. Adore it when good humor is found off the truck!

    Thanks for a chuckle this morning… off to pick up the grandchildren. Usually they come to me…,
    but well, you may or may not know how that goes. Cheers.

    I added to the Sonja Series this week. I try to write them as stand alone pieces.
    No obligation to start from the beginning 🙂

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