Senior Señors

Demolition Photo: © Al Forbes 2014

Bob and Pat had been in the Building trade for more than 70 years between them. You don’t have that sort of experience without knowing where you can get the best meal and a pint. On Friday’s it was always an early finish, then off to the pub for the afternoon. On this particular Friday, it was Two Meals for a Tenner at the Stoat and Ferret on Market Street.

After a trip to the bar, they took a quiet table by the window, away from the noise and activity. A frown briefly crossed Bob’s face as he checked his pockets. “I think I’ve forgotten me wallet again!” It was the same corny line he used every week. Pat shook his head and took a long swallow from his pint of Dirty Fingers Ale. “Don’t worry, it’s yer age, mate!”

After a few minutes, their Pie and Mash arrived, and for a short time, all conversation stopped.

Pat looked over at Bob’s emptying plate and waved his fork in Bob’s general direction. “Slow down, mate, what’s the rush? The bosses can’t touch us now. What could they ever do to us ‘Senior Señors’?”

Bob grinned and nodded at their nickname, but his mouth was too full to reply. For years, they had been the oldest lads on the building sites, and with their regular golfing holidays to Spain, the tag had suited them to a tee.

After their meals, and a quick trip to the Gents, Pat wanted them both to settle down for a long session on the pool table. Bob wasn’t listening – something outside had caught his attention. “Pat, look there! There’s some young ‘uns at the cab of that Cat excavator! Looks like they should be at school too, by the age of ‘em!”

Pat followed Bob’s gaze through the window at the nearby building site.
“Leave it Bob! We’ve finished now. Let’s have a game of pool.”

Bob reluctantly agreed and selected a new cue from the rack. He still couldn’t get used to them both being in retirement. Senior Señors, indeed.


This story was prompted by Sunday Photo Fiction October 12th 2014, hosted by Al Forbes. Click the logo for more details.


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9 thoughts on “Senior Señors

  1. Nice story. Only thing I would say is that when you write pieces in a detached narrative you don’t feel as close to the story. Perhaps it would draw the reader in more if one Bob or Pat was the voice – then you are in the story and not getting it third hand?


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