Big Dipper on the Move!


DippyPhoto and Haiku © Steve Lakey 2015

This week the Natural History Museum in London announced that the iconic Diplodocus cast will be moved from the entrance hall after 44 years. It will be replaced by the bones of a blue whale, suspended from the ceiling.  This prompted a social media campaign to “Save Dippy”. The good news is that after being put on tour, Dippy will be rehoused in a new part of the museum, devoted to dinosaurs.

I wondered what a 150 million year old dinosaur, last alive in the Jurassic era, would make of it all!

The photo and haiku were prompted by Word Snap Weekly, 1st February 2015, hosted by Amanda Lakey at

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9 thoughts on “Big Dipper on the Move!

  1. I don’t know what a dinosaur would make of it, but I think it is neat. 🙂

    (I am following you, Steve and I usually get the notice in my Reader. This time I didn’t and neither am I getting Amanda’s. I can manage to find but sometimes I forget. 😦 )

      • I don’t know either. I know she is having problems and I thought…I will look for Steve’s Snap entry and then I will know she has posted hers.
        Just now I looked back and read your Pride and Prejudice entry and realized I hadn’t got that either. 😦
        Not a problem. I am sure you are getting plenty of likes and comments without mine. LOL

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