That’s Howie’s Rolls


Rolls Royce

Photo © Al Forbes 2015


The Flying Lady
British maid of distinction
cos that’s how she Rolls

Howie likes his own
made in the U.S. of A.
always pays in cash

Comfort over speed
a true piece of over here
that’s made over there

Shows off to his “friends”
who are just business colleagues
how he’s made it big

He likes to parade
a marque of his character
he’s the one percent

Just another toy
to impress his girlfriends with
before they leave him

When the years have flown
he looks back with true regret
should have had some fun

Since he’s laid to rest
winged lady watches over
his untended grave

This poem was inspired by the photo, provided for Sunday Photo Fiction June 28th 2015, by Al Forbes. I wanted to do something a bit different this time, so I wrote a poem with each verse being a haiku.

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15 thoughts on “That’s Howie’s Rolls

  1. This reminded me of the saying that in death, one cannot take what one had in life…or something like that.

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