Vegas Orb Bust?

Green Orb


It had become talk of the town. Even by Vegas standards it was out of the ordinary. And out of this world.

The mysterious new Black Hole Hotel was pulling in the stars – it was the place where everyone wanted to be seen. But few were.

The stories of them having a green orb that transports guests to off-world locations seemed like something out of a sci-fi film or graphic novel. You get the picture.

So here at the Rumour Rag, we sent hapless undercover reporter Luna Bugg, to see what all the fuss was about. We gave her a cover identity as a Z-List celebrity, something even Luna would admit she is ideally suited to. Sorry Luna, but there it is.

She’s sent her report, but sources tell us that despite the Andromeda Galaxy having super-fast Broadband, it may take several million years to reach us. Nice one, Luna. Why not report from the hotel lobby? Don’t you dare claim expenses for this one…

We decided to kick up some dust nearer to home. The juice it takes to keep that green machine spinning for even one cross-galaxy trip is astronomical. They claim to be linked to some solar panel array out in the Nevada desert. Frankly, the idea of drawing power from the centre of our solar system seems a bit ridiculous, even for us.

The unhelpful Black Hole Hotel staff refused to show us their accounts, so we can only estimate their electricity bills. But our guess is they’re in big trouble. So this little power trip of theirs could cost them big style.

They’re not just bust – they’re Vegas Orb bust! *

Mike Mekitoop (Editor, Rumour Rag)

* You know the score – our legal team advise us that any claims we make should be liberally sprinkled with the word “allegedly”. Please use as appropriate. Not that we have a legal team, we made that up too.


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction. For more details click the logo.



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12 thoughts on “Vegas Orb Bust?

  1. I confess, Steve, that I started to quake when I saw the title.
    I bet myself there would be more, and worse, to come, and you did not disappoint.
    I tried to maintain a poker face, but to no avail.
    I loved this.

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