Dragon Baby Gone



Photo: © Al Forbes


Young Gemma was distraught. Her recently arrived baby dragon had flown the perch that her dad, fireman Sam had made for it.

It’s not every day that an exhausted baby dragon flies through your bedroom window. But a few days ago, that’s just what happened. Sam had reluctantly agreed to it staying a few days to recuperate – he wasn’t a monster – but he had wondered what would happen when it started to grow? There were already some minor scorch marks on the carpet and curtains.

Sam had positioned Baby, as the dragon had been named, so it could sit next to the window. Nobody wanted to put Baby in the corner.

Sam had been leaving Gemma’s window open slightly wider than usual – to make sure Baby got plenty of fresh air. But he looked genuinely as shocked as anyone to find Baby had left the building.

A couple of days earlier this would have been unthinkable, but after two days on the milk and cookie diet, Baby looked as good as new. The spark had returned to its eyes and it began to look restless.

There was no consoling Gemma. Until Sam had the bright idea of searching online. It turned out that Baby was actually a mature female Miniature Norfolk Brown. At this time of year they return to their ancestral home to give birth.

It wasn’t a surprise, a few days later, to see Baby return with her hatchlings. Sam had a word with his Boss, and now the whole dragon family live in a purpose-built enclosure at the Fire Station. They help with the training drills, in return for milk and cookies. And Gemma gets to visit at the weekends.


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, February 19th 2017.  For more details click the logo.


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18 thoughts on “Dragon Baby Gone

  1. This was a lot of fun for a number of reasons. The first is, my grandson’s favorite stuffed animal is a giraffe named “Baby”. Also, since last August, I’ve been writing a series of stories about a dragon coming to live with our family. I wrote the tenth in that series just a few weeks ago, and often, my grandson is the “co-author” giving ideas about which way to turn the plot.

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