Target: Boston

This is my first attempt at a VisDare challenge! The Visual Dare Challenge is to write a story in 150 words or less, inspired by a selected image – see the photograph below. Please click on the VisDare Link for more details, and to read other stories entered in this challenge. Thanks.

VisDare 36: Implore

VisDare - Implore

Mark Boston, eccentric Billionaire Art Collector, confirmed that details of his plan had been published in full-page newspaper adverts around the globe. He finished the call to his legal team, and finally cut all ties with the outside world.

Mark sealed himself and his entire collection in the underground rooms he’d had constructed especially for this purpose. He took one last look around,  and with a wry smile triggered the sensor, that activated the statue, that fired the arrow straight at his heart.

His legacy: bequeathing a collection of art large enough to rival the world’s greatest museums.

The challenge: an elaborate and cryptic series of clues leading to his current location. Winner takes all – the finder will have legal rights to the collection.

The world’s greatest treasure hunt was now under way.

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