Background Noise

100 Word Challenge

This story is my first contribution for the ‘100-Word Challenge for Grownups’, (100WCGU,) from Julia’s Place. Click here to find more details.

This week’s prompt is:

…but where did the noise come from…

I’ve been waiting here so long. Silent and dark behind shutters and blinds. Hibernating – almost lifeless – shrouded in thick layers of grey dust.

But something is stirring, slowly bringing me back to life. Where is that noise coming from?

I hear a distant hum that rises to become the clear sound of a car engine. A vehicle is approaching!

The sound stops outside my door. Doors slam. Footsteps come towards me. I feel the front door opening, and light streams in for the first time in years.

I hear voices. A family! I close the door, and they’re all mine.

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