Stand Up and be Counted


Photo: Copyright Lilla Frerichs


An irrational fear of Public Speaking? Not me – I love it.

I have a totally rational fear of not being laughed at in public.

Sometimes, it’s no fun being a stand up Comic.


This is  my entry for the Trifextra Week 90 Challenge: 33 words, using the prompt, ‘what scares me‘.  Click here for more details and to view the other posts.

13 thoughts on “Stand Up and be Counted

  1. To do stand up and be greeted with silence or tepid applause would be awful. Sounds, to me, like you need to go to and lay down some audio tracks for us to hear. Not that I’m challenging you or anything but, just sayin’, ya know. 🙂 Loved your take on the prompt. Love public speaking, too.

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