Beware the Gargle

Gargoyle Photo: Copyright


Another day, another dollar, with the Agency. They gave me a straightforward assignment – travel to a Country House pub in England, U.K. and plant a listening device in the main Dining Hall. It was one of those pubs in the ‘Red Lion’ chain.

We’d arranged a little ‘electrical trouble’ for them, and here I was, Mr Ken Speedie, of Speedie Electricals to sort it all out. Got into character with a false beard and stained teeth.

Well, all our new listening devices were out – it’s a busy time for us. So I ended up going in the safe for one of those bulky Cold-War era models. I know we’re not supposed to use them anymore, but the job needed doing.

As it’s not the smallest piece of kit, I found one of those big Gargles on the wall to fit it behind. Soon it was all done, nice and neat.

Don’t they say Gargles are to ward off evil? I guess I’m in the same business!

Then things went a bit off-message. Luckily, I’d driven a couple of miles away before activating the device. Unfortunately, it was one of those ‘Red Button’ models that if tampered with, self destructs and takes out a whole village. I blame faulty Brit wiring. Why did no one tell me they were on 240 volts!


This is my contribution for Alastair’s Photo Fiction. Please click here for more details and to read the other entries.

7 thoughts on “Beware the Gargle

  1. Smart guy to get far away before activating the listening device. I like your story with the details of a spy at work. And nobody suspects those guys with beards and stained teeth. 🙂

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