Silver Star?


Photo: Marathon Medal.  Marina Shemesh


Mason wasn’t known for losing, and that’s what getting the Silver medal was for him. He was firm favourite to add another Gold to his collection, but surprisingly was beaten to the tape over the last few yards.

He certainly wasn’t known for losing well. And yet here he was, congratulating his opponent and smiling for the cameras. Gracious in defeat, he announced his retirement with a gentle shrug of the shoulders.

Enter John King, a reporter determined to catch a falling star. He broke the real story: Mason’s connections with syndicates who had made a fortune from his loss.


This is my contribution to 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #110 from Julia’s Place. The prompt was Silver.

100 Word Challenge

4 thoughts on “Silver Star?

    • The inspiration for this was that a work colleague bought in some unwanted books. One was about a sporting legend, written before he was unmasked as a cheat. No-one wanted to look at it!

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