Take Two

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Amanda was one click away from making a huge mistake. She knew it, but it was so tempting. She loved the Photo Challenges, but never got the recognition she wanted. For the “Nature” theme she hatched a scheme to get loads more ‘Likes’.

She selected a photo of Giant Redwoods. But it wasn’t her shot – she’d taken it from Google Images.

Just as she was about to post, the dogs pestered her for a walk. She gave in, and took them out onto the park. Amanda took a picture with her phone and posted that instead. Her most successful yet!


Thanks to my wife Amanda who has let me use her photo and her name in the story. I’d like to point out that the story is pure fiction – she wouldn’t dream of passing anyone else’s photos off as her own, and she gets plenty of recognition!

This is my contribution for 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups #11, hosted at Julia’s Place.

This week’s prompt was  …Decisions, decisions, decisions..

To find out more details of 100WCGU click the logo.

100 Word Challenge

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