Say Hello, Wave Goodbye


Photo: © Al Forbes 2014


Even the worse storm of the winter has to pass. But this one wasn’t over yet. Jack Hammer saw swinging lanterns being carried towards the harbour, and was fully dressed by the time a knock came on his door. He hardly recognised a bedraggled Jeffrey Smith. “A ship’s been pulled onto the rocks, Jack! It may already be too late!”

Twenty minutes later, Jack and Jeffrey pushed their way through the throng at the harbour wall. Soon, they were among a small flotilla of boats battering their way towards the headland. The wind, though blustery had dropped, and the rain was little more than a drizzle. The moon kept a watchful eye through dark, scuttling clouds.

As they got nearer, the conversation from each little boat was overpowered by the shouting and pleading of the ship’s crew. Time was running out.

Jeff piloted the boat to within a short distance of the listing ship, as close as he dared. Jack instinctively checked his appearance in a hand-held mirror, before barking orders to his producer. “Jeff, make sure those other boats don’t get into shot! Get the sinking ship in the background! Where’s my cameraman? Are we rolling?”

“Hello and Welcome! I’m Jack Hammer. And as this nautical tragedy unfolds…What? The other crews are rescuing survivors? Get me onto that ship, Jeff! If my ratings sink because of this, I’ll keel haul you!”


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, March 13th 2016.  For more details click the logo.


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18 thoughts on “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

  1. Nice take, I figured Jack was going to help the ship caught on the rocks. Instead, he was just a selfish news anchor, trying to get his story. Sad, when he checked his reflection I wanted to toss him in the water 🙂

  2. Ah, the arrogant media aptly described! I wonder when such journalists will listen to their conscience? If only they’d use their power for good, but it’s all about sensationalism and ratings. Great story!

  3. It’s people like that give journalists a bad name/reputation. In any profession there people like that, some just tend to stand out more than others. Great story. 😊

  4. Nice turn-around. Not racing to help the crew after all. I’m glad the other crews are helping rather than just getting close enough for “exciting” selfies.

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