Upturn Downturn



(You can read how Abby’s story began here)

Hi! I’m Abby Downturn – a Lady from New England, living in a cottage in Old England. I used to have trust issues, but I’m feeling way better now!

I love the Olde English country palaces. Many’s the time I’ve had my nose pressed to the windows at Old Chuffing Hall. Until the injunction. Which was just a misunderstanding really.

Anyway, I managed to grab a few words with Lord Knows, the proprietor. And he only went and offered me a job in the Hall’s coffee shop! Said he appreciated my after hours service at the Red Lion Public House. I told him I’m not that kind of girl, and he laughed. I guessed it was the first time he’d done that in a while. He even lifted the injunction!

Anyway, during my lunch breaks, Knowsey, as I called him, started showing me around the Hall. I expected to be blown away, and I was. But it all looked tired, rundown and a little lonely. Since his wife passed, Knowsey has been hurting a lot, and this house has the scars to prove it.

So that’s why I became Housekeeper. To help get the place looking brighter. Eventually, he got the broken statue repaired. And Knowsey had a spring in his step, once more.

Then a lot of things happened, in a short space of time.

Knowsey’s money ran out – a huge tax bill threatened to bankrupt him.
The Hall was put up for sale. Old Chuffing Hall!
He asked me to marry him.
I said ‘I do’ and I did. Just a small, private function, with a reception at the Red Lion – 10% discount for former staff.
We rented a little cottage on the estate, while the house was being sold.

Then my trust fund was recovered!

So I bought the place. The ‘Whole Monty’, as they say. Once the Hall is renovated, we’ll be moving in. All a far cry from when I first moved over here and lived in an old caravan.

But sometimes a Lady Knows.


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, 6th November 2016.  For more details click the logo.


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20 thoughts on “Upturn Downturn

  1. I really enjoyed the way this was written. The voice comes through so perfectly. I found myself reading it faster and faster as I went because it seemed almost breathless in tone. I really enjoy when a story has a unique tone that pulls you along and not just a bland telling of a tale. Great work.

    If you get a chance and you’d like to check out my blog flash-365.com. Trying to write a story every day for a year. I really appreciate any feedback.

  2. Nicely written Steve. Could almost be a modern reworking of a rags to riches tale, like Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair – starts as a barmaid, ends up the lady of the manor. Though of course, things don’t always work out for Becky of course. Great story and a nice reaction to the prompt 🙂

  3. Great story Steve. You main character is happy and seems like she know what she’s doing and looking for in life. I like her voice, it’s unique and things turned out well for her. She seems to just float along and deal with things as they come, not worrying, just living.

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