Spirit Hunt


Photo: Halloween by George Hodan


Welcome to “Spirit Hunt – When the Night Demons Visit”. We review last night’s Investigation at the Amphitheatre.

Cameras focused on clairvoyant Dan T. Inferno, who felt the building had seen ‘Wild Times’.

The team reacted nervously, as they heard a guttural growl, which Dan believed to be the spirit of a terrible Demon. The producer later admitted that his stomach was ‘off’ and may have been the source of the rogue noise.

At 3.02am, all the team’s electrical equipment simultaneously ‘died’. Paranormal activity or overloaded power grid?

A candle lit vigil continues, with the crew repeatedly chanting, “Toga! Toga!”, after consuming several bottles of chianti.


100 Word Challenge

This is my contribution to 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, Week #131. This weeks prompt is …when the night demons visit… For more details, visit Julia’s Place. 

8 thoughts on “Spirit Hunt

  1. Hello Steve,
    Don’t want to comment on the spirit stuff but just wished to raise a query really. I don’t mind these twitter type short stories ( I’m not exactly a luddite!) and I enjoy your writing but have you thought about producing more of the traditional type of short story, say about 3000 words or more? Then you could display more of your talent. Just a thought…
    Best wishes, Carl

    • Thanks for the comment, Carl. I tend to write for the Challenges on WordPress, which are mostly 100-200 words. The advantages with doing this are they are quick to write, and you have a ready-made readership. Others in the challenge will generally read your story. I used to write stories of about 1500 words, and I probably will write some more at this length again, sometime! 🙂

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