Stop Dragon Her Heart Around

Stone DragonPhoto: © Al Forbes 2014 

Take a good look at this picture: the sad face of austerity in Medieval England! Is this how we treat our dragons in the late 12th Century?

It’s sad to see young down-and-out dragons such as Doris here, with their hopes turned to stone. Officially classified as a Beggar – to reduce the unemployment figures – Doris had recently been advised to apply to Nottingham Forest as a mascot. But instead they gave the job to one of seventeen men claiming to be Robin Hood.

Doris briefly had her hopes raised when she heard they were casting for a play about the Loch Ness Monster. Despite her obvious acting ability, she was sadly rejected, in favour of a scale model.

Previously working as a ‘Sparky’, Doris unknowingly fell foul of new legislation. The Elf and Safety Laws demanded all employees refrain from smoking during work hours. Her employer bought himself a tinder box, and she was soon fired.

Luckily, her tale has a happy ending. Doris’ day finally arrived.

She was spotted by flamboyant entrepreneur Sir Richard Brand (the owner of the Verge Inn chain of gastro-taverns) as he was flying past on one of his high-speed catapult services. She started working as a Trainee Chef on the Flame-Grill Burgher Bar. But after impressing Sir Richard with her novel idea of transporting customers to his taverns, she was soon a rising star in the company.

Sir Richard took a chance by expanding the flight operation up the West coast. Thanks to Doris’s pilot scheme, they were now proudly flying customers on a regular basis on Verge Inn Atlantic flights.

For Doris now, the sky’s the limit.


This story was prompted by Sunday Photo Fiction, September 28th 2014, hosted by Al Forbes. Click on the logo for more details.


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