Steady Eddie


Photo and Poetry © Steve Lakey 2014

When you get to my age
the years start to hurtle
I’m a giant tortoise
not a ninja turtle!

It’s time to embrace
nature’s given me a hint
that Life is a marathon,
there’s no need to sprint!

Don’t pass me by
without giving a wave
for all you know
I’ve one foot in the grave.

But don’t write me off
I’m not feeling down
won’t call it a day
’til I’m put underground.

Some call me a saint,
some say I’m a sinner
what matters to me
is I still get me dinner.

I don’t need a toast
so don’t raise your glass
shift out of my way
it’s time for lush grass!

This photo and poem are prompted by Pixel Prose Challenge, October 12th 2014, hosted by Amanda Lakey at

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5 thoughts on “Steady Eddie

  1. What a fun poem. I think I could write about the same thing: When you get to my age…….
    I could say the same things about myself that you wrote about Eddie. 😦

    It is a lovely turtle. The shell is beautiful. 🙂

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