Train of Thought



Photo and Poetry © Steve Lakey 2014

Hey, you there! Hear what I say!
I just can’t stand being sat all day.
Though the odd delay wouldn’t hurt a bit
They’ve made me look like a First Class twit.

The service on this train is poor
No steward’s entered through my door,
It’s the last time I will use a train
the standards have gone down the drain.

Sitting like a tailor’s dummy
I don’t intend to pay out money,
Until this carriage moves a mile
This whole trip has been just vile.

No more do I want to roam
I just want to get back home,
Even you would want to fidget
If you’d been left like a wax exhibit.

The photo was taken at the National Railway Museum, York, UK. I wondered what the ‘gentleman’ in the photo might be thinking…

The photo and poem were prompted by Pixel Prose Challenge, October 19th 2014, hosted by Amanda Lakey at UniqueArtChic.comClick the logo for more details.


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