Food Forethought

Leo/Lissie                        Leo                                                            Lissie

Not much of a barker
I don’t like to yap
you’ll see my tail wagging
when I’ve had a nap.

Oh, give me a minute
I just need to rest
if you want to see me
looking my best.

When it’s dinner time
please just pat my head
and in forty winks
I’ll be out of my bed.

You won’t catch me
lying snug in my bed
when there’s a good chance
of me getting fed.

I’m older and wiser
of that there’s no doubt.
I don’t waste my time
in running about.

I’ll make an exception
when there’s food in my bowl
I’m first in the queue
cos that’s how I roll.

The photo and poem were prompted by Pixel Prose Challenge, October 26th 2014, hosted by Amanda Lakey at UniqueArtChic.comClick the logo for more details.


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