Artist’s Impression


Photo and Fiction © Steve Lakey 2014


I’m a Seafront Artist. Like a piece of smooth wood on the beach, I sort of drifted into it: the business was handed down from father to son. But of course, I’ve taken it to the next level.

I found creating the artwork a bit of a bind in the early days. But – needs must, and all that. Good job I’m a bit of a genius with modern technology.

You probably know the drill: I take a few photos of you, and when you return, 30 minutes later, there you are – in a cartoon style, or looking like a Hollywood star. I’m nothing if not versatile.
If you like what you see, you might want to look at my watercolours, or oils.

I’m always one for making a good impression, wearing my traditional beret, pencil moustache and artist’s smock. A half-completed masterpiece on the easel…

During the summer season, I spend my days in my brightly coloured beach hut, which doubles as an artist’s studio. But, with me, I’m afraid not everything is as it seems.

My hut isn’t wood. Too high-maintenance. It’s made from brightly covered materials that will still look good in fifty years time. Much like myself, I suppose!

Don’t ask where I get the feed for my wi-fi and satellite TV. I’m not telling about either.

So, what will your picture be mate, humorous or classic?

What! You’re a copper? Got to be kidding me. So, okay, I use computer software to make pictures. I never actually say that I paint ‘em myself. Not illegal is it? Don’t you put those cuffs on me! I’ve got a reputation to think about.

I’ve been framed!


The photo and story were prompted by Pixel Prose Challenge, November 16th 2014, hosted by Amanda Lakey at UniqueArtChic.comClick the logo for more details.


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