Steeltown Rules!


Photo: © Al Forbes 2014

Dear Cedar Thyme School for Boys,

So you have been around for a long time – since 1753, according to the plaque above your expensive-looking solid oak doors. Big deal! We at Steeltown Comprehensive (founded 2013) are here to stay. And we’ve got a nice new modern building with upvc double glazing!

Some of the lads at the school asked me to write this note as they think I’m one of the cleverer ones. They say I won’t just threaten you with violence – which, if I did, might be fun – but it would get our school closed down, or something.

We have the misfortune to share a boundary wall with you. But the way you toffs keep throwing bottles and stuff at us has got to stop. After complaints from parents, the council put up some sort of metal tunnel to protect us as we enter and leave. But there are huge gaps in it, so we’re still getting hit.

Don’t forget, throwing missiles – it’s not big or clever. It’s probably illegal too.

Some of our teachers have written to your school, to ask them to put a stop to it. They said they’d look into it. But it was all written off as ‘high jinks’ and a bit of boisterous boys’ behaviour. In short, nothing much happened.

So we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands. My dad is a builder, and over the holidays, he and his mates are going to tear down that flimsy tunnel, and build a proper solid one. They’ve recently taken down an old railway bridge and they’ve got all this spare stone. Funny how things work out, if you follow my train of thought…

stone tunnel

So, when you come back in the New Year, expect us to be fully protected. But not only that, they’re going to put ‘firing slots’ in the stone. You won’t hit us, but we could hit you!!

I’m not saying we will (for legal reasons, ok).

Now we’re playing by Steeltown Rules! It’s payback, Thyme!

Yours sincerely,

B. Thomas

“Brainy” Brian Thomas,
Head Teacher,
Steeltown Comprehensive School.

This story was prompted by Sunday Photo Fiction, November 30th 2014, hosted by Al Forbes.

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The story and photos are also entered for the Pixel Prose Challenge, hosted by Amanda Lakey at UniqueArt

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