He Wants to Find his Bicycle!


Penny Farthing

Photo: © Al Forbes 2015

(At the Little Chuffing village Police Station)

“Look, Pc Pleb, I’m not impressed. I want my antique bicycle found, and I want it now! I left it in the porch of my mansion overnight, and now it’s gone. I thought this was the sort of place where you could leave your doors unlocked. I own half of this village, it’s about time I got some respect here!”

“That’s strange, Lord Blatherpot, people around here tend to stick together and look after their own. You haven’t put up their rents again, have you, sir?”

“How dare you be so impertinent! I may have put up their rents, but it’s no business of yours!”

“I’m so sorry, your Lordship. You take the weight off for a minute, and I’ll bring you a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea and some Custard Creams. You realise that I’m the only Copper around here because of all the cut-backs? But I’ll make this crime a priority, sir.”

Ten minutes later, after a quick local phone call, wily old Police Constable Johnny Plebworth returned with tea, biscuits and sympathy.

“Now then, your Lordship, come and sit by the fire. Start at the beginning and tell me everything.”

They were still there, half an hour later, when the phone rang. Johnny shuffled into the back and answered it. He stifled a smile before he returned to update his Lordship.

“I have some good news and bad news. Your bike has been found on top of the porch at the Red Lion. You’ll need a ladder to retrieve it. I can’t go because of my poorly back. Unfortunately, it appears that some pranksters have put all your furniture out on the village green. You may want to check it’s all there, sir. And you really should lock your door! Anyway, that’s my shift done, I’m off to play darts in the Red Lion, if you fancy a game later?”


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, October 24th 2015.  For more details click the logo.


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30 thoughts on “He Wants to Find his Bicycle!

  1. Hello Steve. Excellent story with nice touch of satire. Its good to have a change from the first person narrator! A suggestion for next week. . . Story about being a deficit denier. What do you think?! Helen

  2. Power corrupts absolutely. I’d say Lord B is getting what he deserves for not having a heart for the people lower on the social scale.

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