Oil’s Well That Ends Well?

wellPhoto: © Al Forbes 2015

Poor old Stewie. He’s the guy that won the lottery but lost his ticket. And when he tried prospecting for gold, it didn’t pan out.

Now he’s gone through fifteen platinum-tipped drill bits to dig a decent-sized hole in the bottom of his garden. Fifteen!

Stewie’s attempts to pass it off as a sink hole went down the gurgler. His attempted viral marketing campaign quickly caught a cold.

In desperation, he tried to drum up interest with the press, but it seemed he was beaten. After a few weeks, a bored photographer from his local paper wandered over. He wanted to take a picture of Stewie looking miserable at the side of the hole. But what awful luck! The snapper was called away by an urgent cat-up-a-tree photo op.

Just as it couldn’t get any worse, Stewie’s garden became covered in a thick gooey liquid spurting out from the hole. But he wasn’t daft. He knew what he had to do! Stewie’s Acme well-cap did the trick and blocked the hole, before the neighbours had time to complain.

At last, he thought, I’ve made it! Okay, there was a hefty environmental health bill for the clean-up, but surely he was now in the big league as a major oil-producer.

For the two days it lasted…


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, November 1st 2015.  For more details click the logo.


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24 thoughts on “Oil’s Well That Ends Well?

  1. Amusing choices of words. “prospecting for gold, it didn’t pan out’ is particularly inspired and perfectly in context too. An amusing read.

  2. Your character reminds me of Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown series. Or maybe the kid who has the rain cloud following him all the time – but I forgot his name.

    Anyhow…I know a few folks who fit that bill. Fun read.

    Thanks for your support of ‘Dragon’, Maybe one day I’ll name her 😉

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