Green Manhattan

Green Man

Photo: © Al Forbes 


It’s been a long road, but finally I made it onto Broadway. Well, the junction of Broadway and W 48th St to be precise.

I thought I was well prepared at my audition, but in the end I just had to improvise. I told Willi Kall – the Director – I was hoping to play the Green Man as the link between Man and Mother Earth, a symbol of rebirth and the bounty of the natural world. But he said, “Hey, this is Midtown Manhattan!” – turns out they were looking for something a bit more street-wise.

He said my character has to light up when his buttons are pressed, like a spark of electricity. But I told him straight, I’m not appearing in anything my mother wouldn’t come to see.

I saw red, and was going to walk – there and then. But rather than getting cross, something told me to stand my ground until the time was right. So I calmed down, and played it more pedestrian. Willi coloured up and said I was just what he was looking for. And he assured me that my role was something all the family could see.

I know its intermittent work, but this could lead to bigger things. Maybe one day, if the numbers add up, you could see me in lights, at Times Square!

Who’s green with envy now?


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, December 13th, 2015.  For more details click the logo.


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15 thoughts on “Green Manhattan

  1. I figured what it was going to be like when the director’s name was “Willi Kall” That started me laughing and the rest had me giggling like a little girl. Loved it. Although there was one part that was on the blink. “And he assured me that my role was something all the family the family could see.”

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