Have a S.A.F.E. Christmas

SantaPhoto: © Al Forbes 2004

“Come in and take a seat. Just get comfortable and tell me what you want for Christmas. And please remain at least three feet from me at all times. Oh, don’t cry! I hate it when they cry…”

(10 minutes later)

“Before I tell you what I want for Christmas, is what I say, like, confidential? Are we protected by Santa client privilege or somethin’?”

“It’s not a question I’m usually asked. But, yes of course, within the usual legal boundaries. By the way, you haven’t been drinking have you?”

“Yeah, I might have had a 3 litre bottle of strong cider, to take the edge off. Ya know?”

“We do have a ‘12 strikes and you’re out’ no-alcohol policy here – hey, times are tough, right? But I’m not one to be judgemental, even if that leans you more towards the ‘naughty’ rather than ‘nice’ category.”

“Look, I’ve got to tell somebody! I feel too old for all this Yuletide stuff. It was my mum’s idea. Loves a traditional Christmas, that one. She knows I hate turning up to Santa’s grotto year after year, but she’s threatened to throw me out on the street if I don’t turn up. My friends would all be laughing at me – if I had any left. It’s not fair. I hate Christmas!”

“Well, Santa, thank you for opening up. I’m hearing real emotions here! I think we’ve made a breakthrough today. Let’s leave it at that, for now. Here at ‘Santas Are Free to Express’ (S.A.F.E.) it’s all about what YOU want for Christmas!”

“Thanks, Dr Rudolf. Same time tomorrow, then.”


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, December 20th 2015.  For more details click the logo.


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