Luck of the Drawers?


Photo: © Al Forbes 2015

All of my new lucky eight furniture items have been in place for some time now. After checking my i-ching app, I’ve had a feng shui consultant place them to gain the maximum chi flow.

I bought them for a steal at my local auction house. They were custom-made, with the same powerful message in gold leaf, on each item. Apparently the closest translation is ‘Riches Now, Death Later!’ You see why I had to have them. It matches with my ‘Sleep when I’m Dead’ philosophy.

The guy who commissioned this stuff, he’d only had it for a few weeks when his car gets mashed by a drunken driver. The payout made him a millionaire, but he only lived on for a week after the money came through. Tough break.

But his bad luck was my good fortune. His estate was auctioned off, and I didn’t hang about. Since I got this furniture, my online betting system has really taken off. I’m raking it in. Who knows, in a couple of years I’ll have made enough to buy my own island!

Well, gotta go. Work hard, play harder! My final destination today is the hot tub. I’ve just bought a new one from that discount guy, Jacques Uzi, at a killer price.


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, December 27th 2015.  For more details click the logo.


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9 thoughts on “Luck of the Drawers?

  1. I’d be watching that ticking clock; “he’d only had it for a few weeks when his car gets mashed by a drunken driver.”
    Wanna believe in fate? That sounds really ominous..

  2. I like all your little hints that you are mocking your main character who we all know is going to kick the bucket soon. ” Final Destination” and “killer price.” Obviously, this guy doesn’t believe in curses or bad luck. Great post I enjoyed reading it.

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