Take a Seat


Snow car

Photo: © Al Forbes 2016

I know I’ve done wrong, and for that I’m paying the price. But in those key moments to come, she can’t be by my side – and that’s what really hurts. Okay, we’d had our bumps along the road, but we’d always been together.

Then I went and made one mistake too many.

But as I take that long walk to the Chair, I swear she’s whispering to me – telling me it’ll be alright. And when they ask me to speak, though I fumble on my words, her soft voice gets me through.

I can’t see her face, but I imagine her being in the parking lot, sitting in her old white Ford, until it’s all over. She’ll be staring at the snow, watching it drift down to the ground. Just waiting.

I remember the snow falling, on the night we broke up. When I left her in the car, a strange look on her face and her neck at a weird angle. It was just a little fight – it shouldn’t have ended that way.

At least there was no blood, she would have hated that – messing up her seats. Footprints in the snow led the Police straight to my door. But I didn’t care. Without her, my life was already over. Since then it’s just been the formalities.

As I they settle me into the chair, I smile as I think of joining her. She’ll be waiting for me and I’ll apologise. And then we’ll both be happy again, sitting in her old white Ford.


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, January 17th 2016.  For more details click the logo.


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36 thoughts on “Take a Seat

  1. A great story. I like the way it flows and was sure at the beginning that it was going in a different direction. I thought she had your back but then you turned it round when I realised what chair you were referring too! Well done!

  2. A sad thing that he killed her and he didn’t mean to; he still loved her a lot. It’s sad that without her he didn’t feel he was much of anyone. He is looking forward to joining her and I guess that gives him peace. Snow and cold seems to have a relationship with death in your story and others. Great job.

  3. Snow, the car, death — seem to be a common element this week. Each death is different, and yours is excellent!
    He will be in more than Hell, I suspect, when his girl friend finds him!

  4. The sudden turn elicited a surprise from my lips. Such a well-written story–embracing the nature of emotions. Thank you!

  5. This is a very poignant story! I hope his thoughts are right, and they will be together again. It is a great example of how one act of anger can totally ruin a life or lives. .

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