Downturn, Abby


Photo: © Al Forbes 2016

I’m Abby Downturn – a New Englander with trust issues. Recently caused by my Boston accountant moving to the Bahamas, with the majority of my inherited wealth. Who knew?

So, I’m moving back to the Old Countryside, near the village of Little Chuffing. Sounds so quaint – like those Sherlock Holmes stories by Dickens.

And I’ve sunk my last $1 million dollars into real estate. And its a real English stately house estate. Formerly the country seat of Lord Knows, like on that British TV show.

My great grandma would be so proud! She was one of those serving wenches to the aristocrats, back in the days when England still had Kings and Queens. She was that old – you do the math.

Anyways, the brochure said it was a great opportunity to gain a foothold into the high-life. I bought it sight-unseen in a silent auction. Like all good deals, I think they wanted to keep it quiet. And I really did like the picture of the barn and trees.

But would you believe it. I’ve been conned again! Turns out I’ve not bought the big house, the land or even the barn. I’ve just got an old caravan behind the barn – and they’re charging me rent to stay there. They said if you look closely its in the photo.

So I had to get a job – me! Would you believe, I’m working behind the bar at the local Red Lion franchise. Now I’m a serving wench just like great grandma!

She’d be so proud. Maybe…


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, January 10th, 2016. For more details click the logo.


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30 thoughts on “Downturn, Abby

    • Thanks Keith. I thought it would be funnier if her knowledge of British culture was slightly off. It might be interesting to revisit her character after she’s been living the English village life for a while.

  1. Haha Great story. I love her name Abbey Downturn and all the little misnomers you put throughout the story. She isn’t the brightest crayon in the box I guess you’d say, especially with her inheritance and I think she must have a lack of education but atleast she had a job in a bar and that’s something. Well done.

  2. I’ll say this…she certainly is a very trusting soul! But, look what it got her. She has a lot to learn, but I’m not so sure it will be learned behind a bar. I believe you gave her the proper name…:) Great story!

  3. I was really amused by all the hints about her not being so bright and believing all kinds of silly things. It’s so much more convincing for a character to show you how dumb he or she is by what they think or say, rather than you just describing them that way. Great story!

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