Rowten to the Corp



Deirdre Barr-Lamb, the new CEO of Rowten Corp announced she would be directing her talents to cutting-edge environmental improvements. If extra funding was secured, she planned to work with the Ecuadorians on a major expansion project in the rainforest.

Deirdre also announced the main focus of her plans was to open and stock a huge Bio Dome Safari Park on every continent. It was billed as being the crowning achievement of Rowten’s decades of research and development. For security reasons, the location of the parks would remain secret until they were up and running.

After only eighteen months, the world was informed that the simultaneous grand opening days had arrived. Potential customers were told only those with a high net worth need apply. Only the ‘One Percent’ were wanted at Rowten’s website. And it was payment upfront only.

Once the ticket was bought, it was a done deal. Despite costing a King’s ransom, the ‘Golden Ticket’ only gave access to a content-poor website. This consisted of grainy footage of a few 1960s safari tours. They were overlaid with a Commodore 64-style graphic representation of a bio dome. A few pixelated animals jerkily wandered around. The user experience was supposedly enhanced by clicking on a button representing each of the continents. The ‘Antartica’ dome had a few lazy snowflakes drifting down, and a penguin.

Unfortunately, due to the non-disclosure clause in the small print, no one could reveal what they had witnessed without further financial penalties.

Deirdre Barr-Lamb, is believed to be on extended vacation on her sprawling Ecuadorian estate – recently carved out of virgin rainforest – and is currently unavailable for comment.

This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, February 14th 2016.  For more details click the logo.


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16 thoughts on “Rowten to the Corp

  1. Well told. Guess she wasn’t all about saving the animals in biodomes for wealthy people to visit. I think she wanted her own ‘biodome’ for Deirdre to inhabit more.

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