Happy and Glorious?




“You are trying my patience! As an Official Archivist, you have received many grants from the Glorious National Government to study this ancient photo. Surely after all these years you have reached a conclusion. We must have a true account published!”

“Lord Prefect, I am close to the truth, but I still need more time. I wish my findings to be as accurate as possible. For posterity’s sake.”

“Enough! The Ministry of Everything You Need To Know has prepared a statement for you that matches with our harmonised historical accounts of that period. This is the one you will release.”

“As you wish, Lord Prefect. But I have other similar photos in my possession. Would I be able to obtain grants to study them in depth for several years, before reading an official pronouncement?”

“I will make the arrangements.”

The official statement reads:

‘The much-loved Britain First (To Accept Diverse Culture And Give A Big Welcome For Foreigners) Movement hold one of their family-friendly urban strolls. In this unique celebration of cultures ancient and modern, there is room for all. Without any hint of bigotry, racism or any other unpleasantness, these ‘cheeky chappies’ seek to represent and celebrate all that is good with Britain in the early 21st century. Just one of many such happy, informal meet-and-greet sessions.’


This story is inspired by the photo supplied by Al Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction, February 28th 2016.  For more details click the logo.


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29 thoughts on “Happy and Glorious?

  1. I see some hint of a dystopian reality, trying to make the past look more like a Eutopia. Neither are true of course. Great. Write!

  2. Great tale — ignorance is bliss as I didn’t know the true meaning of the photo (guessed as I read other stories).
    As to how often history is rewritten — every generation at least, and in some places, every government. My history isn’t my parents’ history which isn’t my great-neices’ history.
    Sharpie markers have done so well as they make a permanent black that lasts and lasts.

  3. Nicely done and so true to historical re visionary form – not being a news hound and not being British either – I was completely unaware of what the photo represented … I liked your use of irony!

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