Spiritual Lessons from a Broken Tumble Drier


Photo: Socks by Peter Griffin

I’m learning lessons from some unlikely situations. But I shouldn’t be surprised really. Isn’t that generally the way of things?

It’s a few months ago now that our reassuringly rumbly old tumble drier turned into a shrieking banshee. Because of its age, it wasn’t economical to repair. I unplugged it one last time…

Worse was to come, as we weren’t able to buy an immediate replacement. Why are all the best driers taken?

What to do? It was too wet to dry anything outside. So out came the clothes drying racks. ‘Old school’ drying at its finest. The spare bedroom became a drying room. Waiting a day or two for our clothes to dry. The horror!

But despite not being ideal, we coped. The world didn’t stop turning. And it made me realize that I’d never once given a thought to the drier when it was working. I’d never taken the time to appreciate what I had. It was just a functional appliance that I took for granted.

So two lessons for me here:

I should value what I have, now matter how ordinary it appears. And when life throws a spanner in the works, I can always improvise and find a way to cope.

We’ve now welcomed a brand new drier into our garage. And what a wonderful tumble drier it is!

12 thoughts on “Spiritual Lessons from a Broken Tumble Drier

  1. When I was really little, I remember we used to have a washing machine that would walk across our basement floor. Literally. One of us kids usually had to sit on it during the rinse cycle, to keep it from walking. Your story reminded me of that washer. And, if all else fails, there’s always a laundromat!

  2. ::chuckling:: Happened to me too, except I live in Colorado and even in the winter the air’s so dry, things dry in a day. I discovered that I’m spoiled and don’t like my clothes crispy and I’m not interested in ironing. That contrast was an opportunity to expect a small miracle and we created the money to get a new dryer quickly.

  3. Ah, we currently have our washing drying on a horse. When i lived on my own, i lived in a flat. My husband has a dryer, and its like a miracle to me, but its expensive, so ive opted for the horse 🙂 the weather is too vile to put it out!!!

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