Make a Choice!


Photo: Everyone has a Choice by George Hodan

We are our choices” Jean-Paul Sartre

Life seems very difficult, when so much of it appears to be beyond our control. Turn on the News and you see death, disaster and mayhem on a daily basis. Scary stuff. And there’s nothing we can do about it! Or is there?

There are three things that are always under our control, although we often forget it: our thoughts, feelings and actions. We always have a choice.

Of course we live in the real world, and sometimes compromises have to be made. And occasionally the best option is the “least worst” one. But you can always look for temporary solutions, while you move through a situation. You don’t have to get there in one leap.

Break your problem into smaller manageable chunks. First of all, clearly define your goal. What is your desired outcome? If you can’t see the whole path to the end result, develop a strategy to get you closer to where you want to be.

For instance, you may not like your job, but quitting it now may not be your best option:

  1. Firstly, make your current job more bearable. Look for the positives. Think what you’d miss if the job was to end tomorrow.
  2. Do your job better! You may not like your job, but you can like how you do it. There is satisfaction in doing the best you can.
  3. Can you get retrained? Evening classes may offer courses that may help you to find alternative employment.
  4. See your current job as a stepping-stone that allows you to develop the skills you need to achieve your desired goal.
  5. What are you passionate about? Almost any hobby can be turned into a business. The Internet has created a global market place. Someone, somewhere will appreciate your skills and knowledge. Start in a small, affordable way in your spare time.

This process can be used for any issue we experience. By staying solution-focused we allow ourselves access to our inner creativity. Instead of reacting to circumstances, far better to be proactive and make our own choices.

11 thoughts on “Make a Choice!

  1. Great post Steve. I like the idea behind breaking the issues down bit by bit versus trying to move a mountain right off the bat. I didn’t get this from anyone, so I guess I coined it but I like it regardless…If you can’t control it, don’t let it control you.

  2. If anyone should know thats this is true its me. ‘Colourfully Creating’ step 5 right now. Being passionate about my hobby doesn’t feel like work, so I always have the energy to do it, despite a full time job.
    It’s so rewarding, and I love WordPress as an outlet to share my creations and meet other like minded people. Just having this outlet saves my sanity whilst doing the day job 🙂

    • Thank you, lovely wife, for your comments. I’m hoping your business takes off so I can be a kept man. 😉
      Seriously, you are very talented, and I’m proud of everything you do! xxxx

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