Shady Hades

Hermes Photo: Copyright Alastair Forbes 2013


Location: The Pavement, outside a particularly shady building in a really shady part of Shady Town. You get the idea…


“Hey Sarge!”

“Afternoon, P.C. Copper.”

“It’s Cooper, Sarge. You heard about that anonymous letter that Crime Lord ‘Shady’ Hades sent to Headquarters?”

“Oh yes. But it’s not anonymous if he puts his name on it, Lad.”

“But he didn’t put his address on it did he?”

“No, Son he was taunting us. Saying we’d never find the base of his Evil Operations.”

“Will we Sarge?’

“Dunno, Boy. We sent an undercover Officer, Detective Hermes, in. But Hades says he got the cop plastered and hung him out to dry.”

“Sounds Scary!”

“Chin up Kid, and keep them eyes open!”


This is my contribution to Friday Fictioneers 100 word Challenge, based on a photo prompt, and hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Click the link for more details. 

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