Interior Designs

Scrap metal Truck

© Al Forbes 2014


I had the idea of getting out, from one of those old war movies. The one with all those great escapes in. I’ve been watching those builders taking scrap metal out at 4pm every day. Back at 6pm. I knew that would give me all the time I needed.

There’s some loose planks on the back of the truck that leave enough room for me and the stuff. I’ve done this run a few times so I know the routine. They always call at the pub on the retail park, to have a meal and a pint. Then drop the scrap at the tip, before going back.

The thing is, when you’ve been ‘inside’ for as long as we have, you need something to brighten the place up. ‘Homely Bargain Bins’ is our shop of choice. They have some tasteful home decor, in the latest styles, and at reasonable prices. Especially when you know the security guards.

I’ve just taken a photo of the van with my new smartphone. It’s a five finger discount, of course.

It’s time to get back aboard. Don’t worry, I’ve got three hundred honest lads who’ll give me an alibi. If you’re wondering why we need a lot of stuff? Because we live in a big house!


This is my contribution to Sunday Photo Fiction, May 04 2014, Hosted by Al Forbes. For more details, click the logo. 

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