Treasured Island


Photo: Copyright Al Forbes 2013


It’s almost time. I climb up the ladder and in through the hatch. I check my calculations on the chart, once again. There’s no need to look through the telescope. The ship won’t be visible for another two hours and eight minutes.

I take a last look around. I have mixed feelings about leaving my Pacific island home. Two years and three months ago my luxury yacht ran aground and sank. I was the only survivor.

Surprisingly, the guilt and loneliness faded after a while. To pass the time, I set myself little challenges and tasks. When the salvaged rations ran out, I had to become self-sufficient anyway. But this island has been good to me, with unlimited fresh water and abundant wildlife for food.

I know the drill, off by heart. It’s a sixty minute walk to Beacon Hill. I’ll light the damp vegetation that’s piled there. It will burn black smoke for the rest of the day. Then, it’s a leisurely walk down to the beach and wait for the little boat they’ll despatch for me.

I sit on the beach until sundown, marvelling at the perfect harmony of the sea and sky.

One of these days, I may actually light that fire. But not yet. I’ll stay in my paradise a little longer.


This is my contribution to Sunday Photo Fiction, 29 December 2013, hosted by Al Forbes. Click here for more details.

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4 thoughts on “Treasured Island

  1. Ditto what Alastair said.It’s a great story. And yes, I’d be happy without the internet. I’d send my Sunday Photo Fiction out as a message in a bottle. It might take a while to be posted, but eventually it would 🙂

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